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Monday, 14 May 2018


Hi, welcome back

We arrived at the port of Nevers last Tuesday, only intending on staying a couple of nights as it's expensive to moor here : 11 euros a night not includig water or electric. We knew Tuesday was a public holiday but didn't realise Thursday was as well and that really skuppered our plans. We wanted to buy new bikes so went to check out a couple of stores on Wednesday, returned to the boat to do some research on Google etc. but then couldn't actually buy anything till Saturday due to staff holidays???  Only in France could this happen, Bank Holidays in UK every shop is open as they really want to take your money. Here?  No chance.

Anyway, we finally managed to buy ourselves a couple of folding electric bikes on Saturday but had to stay till today (Monday) as the bike accessory shop is closed on Sunday.

So this is what we finally decided on......turbo charged for getting up hills and big paniers for stocking up on essentials like beer & wine 😀

Nevers is a very old city and many of the buidings are 11th or 13th centuary

The Cathedral of Saint Cyr and Saint Julitte is undergoing a thorough restoration, but while the exterior is architectually stunning

they seem to have ruined the interior for me. The stained glass windows have all been replace by extremely modern glass, which does cast great colours and shadows around, but doesn't suit the building at all.......just my opinion

There was a "vintage" festival on over the weekend at the local exhibition centre and we saw lots of these imacculate old cars knocking about in the few days running up to it.

As with most of the French towns we've visited, Nevers is immaculately clean. There were street cleaners everywhere using these "noo noos" (if you've got grandkids you'll understand) 

The weather has taken a dive for the worse and we've gone from 27'C down to 12'C and constant drizzle/torrential rain in a couple of days. I'm sure it won't last and I'll soon be complaining about the heat again soon 😀

Bye for now, see you soon X

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