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Monday, 7 May 2018

A quick catch-up

Finally!  I have enough signal to upload some photos ๐Ÿ˜€

We're still travelling slowly and have stopped at some really nice mooring places. Many moorings are free and are shared with touring camper vans, whose occupants are always fascinated both by the boat and by our life-style. 

It seems to be peak "wisteria" season at the moment and these gorgeous bushes are everywhere.

The scent is overpowering when the sun shines on them

The next two photos are for my readers boating in the UK. We used to regularly come across abandoned or continuously moored boats that had "Section 8" notices on them. Basically, a notice to move or be moved.

Well it's just the same here in France, although I must admit that this is the first one we've come across. The notice tells the owner to move the boat within 6 months or it will be removed and destroyed.

British boaters are also used to the dreadful state of the towpaths and of having to share them with speeding cyclists. Here in France they actively promote cycling along the canals and are installing newtworks of wide tarmaced towpath/cycle tracks that run alongside the canals. This makes it much nicer for boaters and walkers alike as there is plenty of room for the cyclists to pass.

They also provide toilets every 10km or so

and places like this air and repair station

There's just one last photo I'd like to show you........our stoways
This pair of wasps were building a very intricate nest inside the lid of one of our storage lockers.  They were fast workers as the nest hadn't been there 6 hours earlier.  Unfortuntely they had to be evicted and we moved shortly afterwards so they couldn't try and get back in. 

We're currently moored in a very peaceful spot in the middle of nowhere, just outside the next major town of Nevers where we're hoping to stay for a few days and do some sightseeing.

We had intended getting the bikes out and going for  ride, but it's 27'C out so I think we'll wait a couple of hours until it's cooled down a bit.

Bye for now, have fun
See you soon ๐Ÿ˜€

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  1. Eeep! Wasps! I'm glad you were able to evict them safely, and then evade them.