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Monday, 23 April 2018

Sunshine, painting and bread


Hi, nice to see you here again.

Weather-wise it's been a fantastic week ☉ it's been dawn to dusk sushine and 26'C -  not that I'm trying to make you jealous or anything 😀  In fact it's been so sunny that we haven't needed to run the generator or be plugged in for electricity as the solar panels have been more than adequate and the solar water heating has given us 55'C water by lunchtime every day.

We moved to the Halte de la Croix Rouge at Chassenard on Wednesday and have been here ever since. We really like it here, it's peaceful with hardly any passing cars or boats and it's just perfect for painting the boat.

Roger has re-painted the front roof

rejuvenated "Charlie"

and turned our tatty rusty gunwale from this

to this - perfect non-slip

It hasn't been all work though and we took the 'new' bikes out for  spin on Saturday afternoon. In Chassenard village we came across our first bread vending machine. It's a shame that these are necessary as more and more small village boulangeries close down but I'm pleased to say that the bread itself was really quite good.

There have been a couple of lock closures on the Roanne à Digoin canal this week which probably accounts for the lack of moving boats. Thankfully we're on the right side of them and we're planning on setting off again tomorrow. The cupboards are bare so I need to find a supermarket and restock. Digoin here we come......

Bye for now, come back soon X


  1. Lovely to hear your news. I wish our spring sunshine/heatwave had lasted a bit longer. Blow a bit of yours our way will you? We want to get out and about in our new van. Xxx

  2. I've not seen one of those bread vending machines before, but there is a pizza vending machine in Roanne!
    The new non-slip flooring looks very smpart.

  3. I had no idea that the Boulangerie problem had got quite that bad Yvonne. The idea of a vending machine is a little perverse... but I'd try it! Gill xx