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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Chambilly and Marcigny market


We had another leisurely cruise on Sunday. The young lady lock keeper took us down the 3 locks from Artaix to Chambilly where we moored in the glorious sunshine. We like it here and it's been much nicer to be woken up by bird song rather than the sirens of the Sapeurs in Roanne. 

It was such a warm afternoon that we decided to try out our new gas BBQ. We'd had it shipped over from UK while we were still in port and even allowing for the postage charges it was 75% of the cost of one here in France. Apart from wine, everything is much more expensive here!

Yesterday (Monday) it was market day in the nearby town of Marcigny. It's a 3km walk but well worth the effort. It's one of the best markets that we've found so far and you can buy anything here.  Lots of people were buying ducklings and hens and taking them away in cardboard boxes.

They also had rabbits, turkeys, geese, quail and guinea fowl, or if you preferred something less edible you could buy a pet guinea pig, kitten, mouse or more exotique turtle doves and budgies

We'd arranged to meet some friends from Roanne and passed a very pleasant couple of hours having lunch and catching up on the gossip in the restaurant at the Bar du Marché. 4 courses including wine and coffee was only 13.50 euros so if you're passing this was it's definitely worth a visit.

The forecast for today is more sun so we've decided to stay another night and maybe start touching up the paintwork.

See you again soon 😀

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  1. You weren't tempted to buy some ducklings & train them to follow the barge? That could be fun!!