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Friday, 9 June 2017

We've Arrived!

Hi, nice to see you.

We left Bristol on Monday after being lifted out at 8.00

It was a dreadful day, cold and heavy rain, and it was rather surreal to watch our home driving off down the road on the back of a wagon.

Because the boat's so big we had to have an escort

They turned right at the end of the road while we turned left, promptly getting stuck in a traffic jam. The wagon driver obviously chose the right route as we caught them up on the motorway about an hour later.

Bluey arrived in Nieuwpoort bang on schedule on Wednesday morning and although the sun was shining and it was lovely and warm it was also blowing a hooley!

The wind didn't stop them off-loading her

and by 2.00 we were afloat and heading around the marina towards our overnight mooring. The photo doesn't really show how big those waves were. I'm sure you could have gone surfing!

It was quite an awkward manoeuvre getting onto the slot but Roger managed to make it look easy.

We hadn't even got tied up before the Politie descended on us. Three armed policemen who had just finished a course on maritime regulations as we were put into the water decided to use us as guinea-pigs.  Thankfully all our papers were in order, although it was a bit stressful at the time. I'm surprised they didn't check the boat for illegal aliens or contraband but I suppose it might be a bit different if we'd been going into a UK port.

The wind has continued to blow like a she-devil and it's far too strong for us to move so for the time being this is my view. Impressive or what?

We'd both like to say a MASSIVE thank you to our friends Martin and Maggie who brought us from Bristol. It would have been very awkward without them as we haven't had a car for several years.

So that's it for now. Hopefully the wind will have dropped tomorrow and we can set off but until then we're enjoying marina life.  Cheers!

Come back and join us again soon X

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